The Ultimate Guide To Grab Best Deals On this Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018

 If you are a gamer and you are searching for some great deals on the market . then wait till Black Friday. Surely , all of you know what black Friday is . And  for those who do not know about this absolute madness . Here I am , so black Friday is the day after thanksgiving day on which a huge shopping festival takes place where retailers like Amazon , Wal-Mart , NewEgg etc. offer huge discounts  to customers. The reason might e they want to clear old stock or make way for a newer product to release. Whatever the reason is we should take this opportunity to male the burden on our wallets lighter . Now , you will be wondering when will this madness kick off. Well, black Friday will officially hit on 23 November . But due to the eagerness and competition between retailers the sails will kick off one or two weeks before official black Friday and will persist till one or two weeks after  it . So if you wan…

Best Clash of Clans Strategy Guides

When I began playing Clash of Clans in 2012, I was dependent on the amusement (emphatically). I played it every day, once in a while for quite a long time and I overhauled my town gradually yet enduring.

Following 1 year, I was stalling out. I just couldn't pull off 3 Star assaults and my base offered every one of my assets and trophies to generally assailants. That was where I needed to show signs of improvement, so I began hunting around down techniques and strategies to improve as a Clasher.

That was hard, so I figured I would begin my own site – – to assemble working methodologies and news about Clash of Clans. This was back in March 2014.

This very site grew quick and unfaltering; notwithstanding when my first aides were unpleasant in the way they've been composed and altered, yet I didn't surrender and ceaselessly made strides. Since that day just about 3 years back, I invest pretty much energy day by day and a ton of push to improve this a place for Cl…

The .5 Strategy and Base Designs TH8.5 TH9.5 TH10.5

I realize that .5 bases are a questionable subject inside the Clash of Clans people group, however I get approached about great designs for .5 bases continually. I feel that I should cover them here and additionally they are still extremely prominent.

I refreshed the bases here with some crisp formats for .5 bases

The .5 Strategy

The .5 procedure is connected to TH9 to TH11 players – particularly know as TH8.5, TH9.5 and TH10.5. We should discuss the essentials first.

At the point when your clan chooses to go to Clan War the matchmaking calculation will aggregate up all your protective quality and your offensive quality with a metric called war weight.

Initially, every update and building you have will include a particular war weight. The aggregate war weight is a major piece of what matchmaking uses to discover comparative clans alongside comparative Town Hall levels.

On the off chance that you truly need to know everything about war weight you should check this current article I co…

6 Tips to Avoid Raiders in Clash of Clans

Does it feel like you're always getting assaulted in Clash of Clans? It resembles perfect timing – each time your stockpiles top off, some yank with a swarm of Barbarians swoops in and takes it all. Odds are there are some basic changes you can make to your base to make it less engaging pillagers! In this article, I'll show you how to solidify your base and maintain a strategic distance from the most astute marauders. In case you're always losing stars and assets to pillagers, this guide will enable you to settle that!

#6: Don't Rush to Upgrade Your Town Hall

Blessed dairy animals is this a major one. You wouldn't trust the quantity of Town Hall 8 bases that still have level 1 wooden dividers.

Maintaining a strategic distance from Raids in Clash of Clans: Early TH Upgrade FTL

Relative Town Hall levels decide what number of assets a pillager can take from your base. For example, in the event that you are Town Hall 9 and a marauder is Town Hall 8, they can take 110% …

5 Quick Tips for Clan Wars | Clash of Clans

Clan Wars are the new hotness in Clash of Clans. Winning Clan Wars takes some unique procedures from your typical base strikes, however. In case you're experiencing difficulty getting stars for your clan in Clan Wars, you should look at this article! I'll share 5 speedy tips for Clan Wars that are certain to make you a Clan Wars star in a matter of seconds. 
#5: Know Your Goal The objective in Clan Wars is straightforward – stars. You have to get stars with a specific end goal to win. Assets don't make a difference by any means. This can be a troublesome thing to manage, as the vast majority of the assaulting you do in Clash of Clans is for the most part centered around asset striking as opposed to for procuring trophies. Hence, you'll need to adjust your methodologies as needs be. 

Keep in mind what you get stars for: 

Annihilating the adversary Town Hall 

Decimating half of the base 

Decimating 100% of the base 

Most mid-level bases don't have enough dividers to ensure…